CHMM Workbook and CertBoK® Combo


Our workbooks covers the spectrum material that could possibly be tested along with several home study self-evaluation sessions using the same question, answer and explanation format as in the workshop. The material included in the self-evaluation sessions is designed to supplement your home study program and reinforce those areas where emphasis is needed for the examination. The program will provide you with over 800 questions, answers and, more importantly, explanations.
The SPAN™ CertBoK® is an interactive, online learning management system (LMS). This expert learning tool is designed to help safety, health and environmental (SH&E) professionals prepare for certification exams offered by the Institute for Hazardous Materials Management (IHMM). SPAN™ members have special access to a wealth of well-researched information specific to each certification examination. SPAN's certified professionals are experienced facilitators and exam mentors dedicated to your professional development and certification success.


There is no easy way to gain your certification, however these workbooks have proven to be the tool that you need to make the most of your study time. There is no "nice to know" information in our workbooks. All of the guidance is focused towards the principles and theories required to pass the examinations. To remain current, all of our workbooks are reviewed and revised annually. Start your study program today by ordering a set of these workbooks. There is simply no better study material available.
The SPAN™ CertBoK® is a six month subscription based service delivering the essential knowledge required to successfully pass certification exams. The system includes learning resources that are targeted to certification exam preparation. Members have access to reference materials, study sessions, practice exams and mentors that are exam subject matter experts.

·         Reduces your study time by as much as 50% with current up-to-date material.

·         Each workbook or CertBoK® contains over 500 questions, answers, and explanations.

·         Question and answer format complete with fully developed explanations.

·         Most frequently used formulas with terms explained.

·         Same quality material as used in our highly successful workshops.

·         Prioritized list of study material.

·         Provides self evaluation sessions to identify areas requiring additional study. The self evaluations on CertBoK® are in the same computer format used for the actual exam.

·         Provides focus and direction to your study effort.

·         Curriculum Designed by Certified Instructional Technologists utilizing SPANs complete library of Exam reference materials. SPAN has purchased and streamlined all the reference materials with a focus on successful testing performance.

·         Special Price for purchasing Workbooks and CertBoK® as a set.

·         Study at your convenience.

·         CertBoK® is compatible with any device.

·         CertBoK® is updated frequently.

·         Targeted resources specific to the exam.

·         Representative practice exams.

·         Track your scores and progress.

·         Test taking techniques and strategies.

·         Access to professional facilitators, exam mentors, and tutoring.

Return/Refund Policy


Workbooks must be returned within 30 days and are subject to a 15% restocking fee.
Membership is a single user license agreement that is non transferable and allows for access to the SPAN® CertBoK® online learning management system (LMS) during the active membership. All sales are final. Additional memberships and membership extensions can be purchased. All prices are expressed in United States Dollars (USD).

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